Board Recruitment

Green Lents is seeking new board members!

Now is your chance to:
Give back to your community in a fun and inspiring way
Build your resume or skills
Support Green Lents and our exciting community projects

Board Co-chair – Executive

The Executive Co-chair is the co-leader of the board of directors along with the Development Co-chair. Responsibilities include evaluating the effectiveness of the organization, guiding the board in matters of organizational priorities and governance, leading strategic planning, oversight of budgeting and staffing, and giving public presentations. The co-chairs also develop agendas for board meetings and facilitate board meetings.

Board Member – Treasurer

The Treasurer is the liaison between the bookkeeper and the board. Responsibilities include managing financial processes, reporting, and fiscal oversight. The treasurer presents the budget to the board for its approval and ensures the financial policies and procedures are developed, updated, and approved by the board.

Board Member – Records Keeper

The Records Keeper takes and/or manages meeting notes, manages by-laws and guidance documents, offers stewardship of the annual State and Federal reports, tracks board membership, tracks liability insurance coverage and submits claims, and manages organization/storage of files.

Board Members – At Large

At Large members offer their specific skill sets to support Green Lents. Skills desired include design and content creation, social media, marketing, web development and IT, bookkeeping, legal and non-profit advising, and volunteer management.

Minimum volunteer requirement for all board positions is 8 hours per month, plus attendance at monthly board meetings and an annual board retreat.

Green Lents is a non-profit providing education, volunteer, and leadership opportunities in and around the Lents neighborhood to promote a thriving, sustainable community. We aim to have a diverse representation of the Lents populations in our board; both Lents and non-Lents residents can apply.

To apply for one of the open board positions, please send a letter stating your intent to apply including your full name, contact information, volunteer position, qualified skills and desired training/skills by email to or drop it off in person to the Tool Library (9215 SE Ramona St) during open hours.